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Witches of Denmark

Welcome to Denmark by Aiden James

Sebastian Radu is an unusual kid… perhaps the most unusual young man presently living in America. That's because he's a warlock… a one-hundred-twenty-five-year-old practitioner of magic who looks all of eighteen.

Born to a Romanian family of warlocks and witches, whose lifetimes often extend beyond six hundred years, the Radus have long been at war with another family of similar dark gifts, the Mateis. When the Mateis step up their efforts to wipe the Radus from the face of the earth, Sebastian and his family flee Chicago and head south…. They end up in the quaint and quirky town of Denmark, Tennessee, home to pre-Civil War majestic antebellums, lingering race issues, and the "World's Largest Frog Leg Fry".

Denmark is the perfect place to hide… provided the Radus can fit in where life moves at a much slower and 'non-magical' pace. After moving into an old plantation house known locally as "Twin Magnolias", the family begins to settle into a life where something new and humorous seems to be a daily occurrence… until their old enemies, the Mateis, show up.

Under the threat of a war steeped in deadly sorcery, Sebastian and his family are faced with choices that not only affect their well-being and the town's survival, but also present the potential first steps in healing. Either they can resolve their long and bitter dispute with the Mateis… or watch the ancient conflict destroy them all.