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Reviled: The Serendipitous Curse

The Serendipitous Curse: Reviled.jpg

Being haunted in Savannah Georgia--one of America's most haunted cities--takes on an entirely new meaning when Solomon and Desiree find themselves caught in the ageless war between good and evil.

Chilling discoveries await the couple, after being summoned to Bonaventure Cemetery at midnight by three angels disguised as the ghosts of Hoodoo priestesses. The priestesses are responsible for Solomon's reawakening, more than a century after they murdered him. But a second chance comes at a high price.

While Solomon faces his past life's sins, Desiree discovers horrific secrets of her own. Hailing from a long line of witches, her deceased mother sought to protect her from this knowledge. But the biggest secret could be the most damning of them all. The demon taunting Solomon through time also attached itself to Desiree when she was a child. It tasted her blood then and has enjoyed a second taste recently. If the demon drinks from her a third time, it will own her very soul.

With the aid of the angels and their gifts, Desiree and Solomon have power enough to defeat the demon. But this also requires digging up her mother's grave as a necessity in gaining a powerful second gift--an unthinkable task for Desiree. But any procrastination could prove fatal, as a dark witch is hot on her tail and breathes threats of suffering and death.

What happens when Desiree succumbs to wickedness? Will Solomon risk everything--his entire existence--by diving headfirst into the spirit realm to save her?

Only time will tell if ignoring the angel's warnings to tread carefully enables Solomon to find Desiree before her soul is lost forever.