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The Judas Reflections: Maid of Heaven

Maid of Heaven

The year 1429, in the region of Orlèans France, sets the stage for the emergence in history of one very brave girl: Joan of Arc.

It also marks a key moment in the evolution of one of the most reviled men to ever walk the earth. Emmanuel Ortiz—better known as the immortal Judas Iscariot—may not understand why he is drawn to serve Joan and her desire to free France from the specter of English tyranny. However, he is compulsively drawn to her unusual mixture of innocence and grit to the point her noble cause becomes his own.

But with any adventure involving Judas, this one comes with danger and heartache—as great as any he has endured during the past fifteen-hundred-years walking the earth. Fortunately, Roderick Cooley is also along for the ride, ready to rescue his long time friend when trouble is found. In the case of Joan of Arc, enemies and potential pitfalls abound.

The arrival of a long time enemy hell-bent on making sure Judas/Emmanuel never finds lasting peace or love spurs Joan and her immortal companion to make difficult choices that could forever alter the course of history. Can the struggle between an accursed disciple seeking to better understand the will of God Almighty and the anointed teenage girl given to visions she cannot turn away from be happily resolved?

…Or, must Joan forego all of her personal desires in order to save France from falling into oblivion?

These questions and more are waiting to be answered in Maid of Heaven.