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Curse of the Druids: A Nick Caine Adventure

Curse of the Druids by Aiden James

Long ago, before the myth of Merlin the Magician took root in the annals of time, a sacred amulet named after King Aurelius Ambrosius was said to bridge the mystical chasm between mankind and a race of gods and goddesses residing in the very heart of Britain....

According to legend, the Ambrosius Amulet lays hidden amid the ruins of a predecessor to the inner circle of Stonehenge, known as Bluehenge. Located a mile south of its more famous brother, the remains of Bluehenge sit near the winding course of the River Avon.

As luck would have it, a map leading to this sacred amulet has fallen into the hands of Nick Caine. Belonging to Nick's lovely cohort, Marie Da Vinci, her deceased father entrusted the map to her shortly before he died. His final wish was to lay claim to the priceless relic he spent much of his life looking for. His dream—and now Marie's quest—is for her to locate and procure it for a prestigious museum in Los Angeles.

But there is a problem. Nick and Ishi want to forego the expedition and leave Europe for the United States. Yassir Ali has issued a death warrant for all three, after they decided not to share the gold recovered from Sekhmet's tomb in Egypt. After being chased across Europe by hired assassins, Nick feels they have already outlasted their welcome, and the reprieve they've gained in England will only last so long.

In the end, the lure of finding this rare amulet—one long believed to be merely mythical—proves impossible to resist. As Yassir Ali's men close in for the kill, Nick, Marie, and Ishi soon learn whether tempting fate to pursue a cursed item is worth it. Or, should they have left the Ambrosius Amulet alone?