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The Devil's Paradise: The Talisman Chronicles

The Devils Paradise by Aiden James

After escaping certain death at the hands of a rogue faction of the FBI in Manassas, Virginia, Jack and Jeremy Kenney race home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Time is quickly running out for them and the rest of the world to prevent seven mysterious, but deadly, objects from reaching the United States. The objects resemble enormous golden towers, and along with an eighth shimmering tower moving through America's Deep South, they belong to deities that once ruled the earth thousands of years ago. The collective eight, known as the "Children of Elohim" are swiftly closing in on Tuscaloosa, with the promise of bloodshed unlike anything the modern world has ever witnessed.

The late Dr. Oscar Mensch has left detailed instructions for the brothers, both students at the University of Alabama, to restore an ancient shrine known as the 'Estrella de La Sangre' or 'Blood Star' in the basement of a sprawling estate located near the University's campus. But an ominous riddle remains as to why the professor would ever want to resurrect the shrine once used for blood sacrifice in ancient Pakistan.

The answer leads to a harrowing adventure for the Kenney brothers, exposing them to new horrors, both in the States and abroad. The journey for salvation takes them to a mysterious Essene castle in the Bolivian Andes of South America, and then back to Alabama for a deadly confrontation with an unearthly that threatens mankind's very survival.