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The Devil's Paradise: The Talisman ChroniclesThe Devil's Paradise: The Talisman Chronicles

The Devil's Paradise:
The Talisman Chronicles

After escaping certain death at the hands of a rogue faction of the FBI in Manassas, Virginia, Jack and Jeremy Kenney race home to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Time is quickly running out for them and the rest of the world to prevent seven mysterious, but deadly, objects from reaching the United States.

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Hurakan's Chalice: The Talisman ChroniclesHurakan's Chalice: The Talisman Chronicles

Hurakans Chalice

The long-awaited third installment of the bestselling Talisman Chronicles finds brothers Jack and Jeremy Kenney, wanted in the US for murders they didn't commit, loitering on Mexico's white sand beaches and inexorably succumbing to their growing wanderlust....

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Pyramid of CoinsPyramid of Coins

Pyramid of Coins

If one lives long enough, they will experience more than their share of profound sorrow.... Tragedy and death are the latest obstacles that stand in the way of William Barrow (aka Judas Iscariot) staying true to the burden upon his heart: His mission to reclaim the thirty blood coins that were his payment for betraying Jesus Christ...

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Temple of the JaguarTemple-of-the-Jaguar

Temple of the Jaguar

Nick Caine is a part-time archaeologist and full-time antiquities thief—a looter. And a very good one, too. So good that he catches the attention of the beautiful Marie Da Vinci, who offers him the chance of a lifetime: to locate the legendary Ciudad Blanca. The lost White City. A city purportedly filled with riches beyond belief....

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Reign of CoinsReign of Coins

Reign of Coins

For William Barrow, two thousand years is a very long time…too long, when it is a perpetual punishment for betraying Jesus Christ. The man originally known as Judas Iscariot is on a mission to recover thirty silver shekels once paid to him for his ultimate treachery. Twenty-two coins have been recovered, leaving just eight to go. But when his Russian nemesis, Viktor Kaslow, also becomes immortal, the stakes are immediately raised...

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Lorem IpsumPlague of Coins by Aiden James

Plague of Coins:
The Judas Chronicles

William Barrow carries a dark secret. A very dark secret.
An archivist for the Smithsonian Institute and also a part-time operative for the CIA, no one would ever suspect the handsome 'thirty-ish' William is in fact the most reviled human being to ever walk the earth. His infectious warmth and sense of humor make such an assertion especially hard to believe.

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Destiny of CoinsDestiny-of-Coins

Destiny of Coins

In this third installment of The Judas Chronicles, William Barrow (AKA Judas Iscariot) is faced with recovering the silver coin he dreads above all others. Known as the "Singing Coin" among the ancients, this shekel was originally lost long ago…on the very night of Jesus Christ's arrest in Jerusalem. Hoping to save it for last, until after the other twenty-nine coins are recovered, Viktor Kaslow's recent designs for the coin thwart William's plan...

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Treasure of the DeepTreasure of the Deep

Treasure of the Deep

Nick Caine is a part-time archaeologist and full-time antiquities thief—a looter. And a very good one, too.

Now stranded on a small, forgotten island in the southern Maldives, Nick Caine and his ever-faithful sidekick Ishi are thrown into a desperate fight for survival. Seemingly betrayed by Marie Da Vinci, Nick is forced to gamble his and Ishi's very existence on an ancient map....

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The Forgotten Eden: The Talisman ChroniclesThe Forgotten Eden: The Talisman Chronicles

The Forgotten Eden:
The Talisman Chronicles

Hidden within the deep woods of rural Alabama, along the forgotten southern course of the Black Warrior River, lies an unseen world feared for centuries by the residents of the tiny town of Carlsdale. Only one person has ever survived a visit to this place long enough to tell about it. His name is Jack Kenney.

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Curse of the DruidsCurse of the Druids

Curse of
the Druids

Long ago, before the myth of Merlin the Magician took root in the annals of time, a sacred amulet named after King Aurelius Ambrosius was said to bridge the mystical chasm between mankind and a race of gods and goddesses residing in the very heart of Britain....

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