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Immortal Supremacy: The Judas Chronicles

Immortal Supremacy: The Judas Chronicles

William Barrow (aka Judas Iscariot) has moved on to the afterlife…. However the lingering curses from the 'Thirty Blood Coins', and the villains those coins empowered, continue to be a scourge against mankind. Roderick Cooley, Judas' Druid companion for the past eighteen hundred years can't ignore the injustices that flourish as a result...

Meanwhile, Krontos Lazarevic has returned to fulfill his desire of controlling the world. This time, the Hungarian madman inspires the rise of twin networks of police states in Europe and North America. Arousing the alarm of immortals throughout the planet, it becomes imperative to stop Krontos before he throws all of modern civilization into permanent chaos. A meeting near Milan, Italy, offers the promise of salvation, until it is learned that Krontos has engaged the oldest and most powerful immortals in recorded history to assist his conquest of humanity: the Nephilim.

Time is running out for Roderick and his companions, Rachel Bashemath and Cedric Tomlinson, to stop the menace. Aided by a group of sorcerers and European vampires, a deadly confrontation looms in the heart of America's Capital.

Can Krontos be stopped before Hell is unleashed on Earth, and modern society is changed forever? Or will a new order of tyranny be foiled before it can take root? The answers await discovery in Immortal Supremacy...