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Hurakan's Chalice: The Talisman Chronicles

Hurakan's Chalice: The Talisman Chronicles

The long-awaited third installment of the bestselling Talisman Chronicles finds brothers Jack and Jeremy Kenney, wanted in the US for murders they didn't commit, loitering on Mexico's white sand beaches and inexorably succumbing to their growing wanderlust.

Three years into their exile, Jeremy ventures across South America in search of the ancient castle of the Essenes, responsible for saving his and Jack's lives. But to get there means braving the largely uncharted Amazon jungle ruled by violent drug cartels – and a bloodthirsty local god, Hurakan.

When Jeremy doesn't return as promised, Jack sets out after him. His excursion takes a turn for the surreal as he enters the realm of Yitari, a tribe of interdimensional beings engaged in a tug of war for power with Hurakan's demonic horde.

As the brothers tease out the truth of their shared destiny, they must decide if an old Essene prophecy is worth pursuing or if it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Only one thing is certain: whichever choice they make, it will come with perils and regrets that will last the rest of their lives.